An armed gang were filmed smashing their way through the front door of a house to stab a man with knives and garden shears.

In shocking footage of the incident the black-clad men can be seen pounding down the Nottingham door to steal what they believe is cannabis plants being grown inside.

After several attempts the white door is whacked off its hinges with a leaping kick, allowing the men to rush towards a man inside, Nottingham Post reported.

He brandishes the smashed door as a shield in a bid to protect himself from the blows raining down on him.

The victims screams can be heard as he ditches the door and runs through the group into the street.

The men drove from London to Nottingham for the raid
The men drove from London to Nottingham for the raid

He was stabbed with the shears and knives before making it to safety.

Police said the video lays bare the violence that is often associated with cannabis production, where gangs will often attack other gang's drug factories for their own gains.

This could be to steal their stock or to drive them out of business.

Nottingham Police said the 10 men had travelled to the city from London in a convoy of vehicles ahead of the attack, which took place during the early hours of May 20, 2020.

They broke the door down with flying kicks
They broke the door down with flying kicks

After police arrived on scene some of the men abandoned their vehicles and tried to run off, but were arrested.

Others were stopped in their tracks and arrested as they fled down the M1 back towards London.

On Friday, June 4, the last of the 10 men pleaded guilty to aggravated burglary at Nottingham Crown Court.

All ten men are due to be sentenced on a future date still to be fixed at Nottingham Crown Court.

The victim needed stitches for head and shoulder injuries.

The man was attacked as he fled for his life
The man was attacked as he fled for his life

Detective Constable Sarah Gregg said: “Many neighbours were disturbed by the commotion and saw this frightening incident unfold which was unacceptable to the community in Forest Fields.

"Following the report we responded quickly to secure arrests and undertook an extensive and meticulous investigation involving numerous police teams all working closely together.

"This relentless hard work and excellent teamwork led to the ten defendants putting in early pleas and we now await their sentencing.

"I would also like to thank the public for their help with our enquiries as the investigation progressed which has helped us bring these violent offenders to justice."

The ten men were convicted of aggravated burglary
The ten men were convicted of aggravated burglary

Detective Superintendent Mike Allen added: "Cannabis grows are often used to fund serious organised crime and drive the criminal exploitation of vulnerable adults and children of varying ages.

"Drugs production and dealing is never a low-risk venture. Weapon-enabled violence will always exist around drugs markets as different operators seek to defend, enforce or steal from others.

"Anyone partaking in such illegal activity risks not only the police knocking at their door, a journey to custody, prison time and a criminal record, but they also risk drug dealing competitors using extreme violence to gain entry to their home and being exposed to the possibility of serious injury.

"Occasionally offenders looking to steal cannabis will target the wrong house.

"We never want that to happen, so if you have suspicions about the production of drugs in your community please let us know by calling Nottinghamshire Police on 101."

Those convicted of aggravated burglary are:

- Toryon David, 24, of Hardres Street, Ramsgate, Kent

- Josh Dawson, 19, of Brisbane Street, London

- Temi Peters, 22, of Sutherland Avenue, Welling, Bexley

- Bilal Mohamed, 23, of Styles Gardens, London

- Jedidia Kibambe, 25, of no fixed address

- Gaele Meya, 25, of Meister Close, Ilford

- Rex Kibambe, 27, of no fixed address

- Henock Eskinder, 28, of Oban Street, London

- Edmund Mackwar, 30, of Court Wood Lane, Croydon

- Earl Coelho De Carvalho, 23, of Major Close, Lambeth, London