A hard working community nurse has had her car stolen and all her NHS kit dumped by a gang of callous thieves.

Mum-of-one Helen Stokey, 36, has worked as a community nurse for Bolton Foundation Trust for six years since qualifying and relies on her car and kit.

After leaving her home at 7.45am on Balmoral Drive in Leigh on Friday morning (October 22) to take her daughter Neve, 8, to Breakfast Club, she discovered her black Ford Ecosport was not where she had parked it the night before.

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She says: "The last time I saw my car was when I was bringing my little girl home from school.

"I parked it up close to a grass verge outside and carried on with my evening."

Helen says she could not believe it when the car was not where she left it and as she had been ill with a migraine the night before, she started to think she was confused and had left it elsewhere before realising it was gone.

Helen Stokey's stolen vehicle

A neighbour told she had seen four lads get out of a Vauxhall Corsa at around 12.45am to 1.45am and had hung around her vehicle for ten minutes before getting in it and speeding off.

Helen says: "I found out my insurance does not cover me for a courtesy car unless it is found and needed repairs.

"I am off work for a week with my daughter but after that I will have to think about a hire car to get to work - at a cost of £200 per week."

Helen says on Sunday she spotted pictures of her dumped NHS kit on social media.

A woman had spotted the items dumped on a dirt track in Hindley, close to Hindley prison, taken photographs and posted them on social media sites to try and find the owner.

Helen Stokey's NHS kit was dumped

Helen contacted her and then she and partner Barney McQueen, 36, a building services engineer, drove there on Monday to see what they could retrieve.

She said: "The majority of my kit was thrown deep in some brambles so we couldn't get to it.

"We cleared up what we could."

After chatting with neighbours in the area, a man said he had seen four lads dumping the kit at 6pm on Sunday evening.

Helen says the lost items which include a blood pressure pack, catheters, dressings, sterile materials, and a blood glucose machine will cost the NHS hundreds of pounds to replace.

She said: "There was a sharps bin, and used needles within the sharps bin. Once they are in there it's hard for them to spill out but still dangerous and need disposing of responsibly."

NHS worker Helen says the general public have been "brilliant" when they heard her plight.

She says: "One man sent me a picture of a burned out car he spotted in case it was mine.

"I have even had one neighbour offer to lend me a car so I can get to work. The general public have been brilliant."

A spokesperson for GMP said: "Officers were called just after 8am on Friday (22 October 2021) to a report of a theft of a motor vehicle on Balmoral Drive in Leigh.

"A black Ford Eco Sport was taken.

"Enquiries are on-going and anyone with information can report it online or by using our LiveChat at www.gmp.police.uk.

"Alternatively, contact Crimestoppers anonymously at 0800 555 111."

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