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Game of Thrones star Hafthor Bjornsson jokes he is ‘always hungry’ after dramatic NINE STONE weight loss for boxing bout

HAFTHOR BJORNSSON joked he is 'always hungry' after dramatically losing NINE STONE on his boxing journey.

The Game of Thrones star weighed as heavy as 32 STONE while competing in strongman.

But for his last fight, against arm wrestler Devon Larratt, Bjornsson scaled 23 stone, revealing his huge body transformation.

The super-heavyweight has had to drastically cut the calories as part of his switch to boxing where he will eventually fight rival Eddie Hall.

Bjornsson told SunSport: "I'm training more in boxing than I did for strongman.

"I'm in the gym more because of all of the conditioning work, there's a lot of conditioning work. 

"I'm boxing like six times a week, sparring three times a week, then I'm running like five times a week. 

"There's a lot of different training styles, in the gym like two times a day but that's just what you do, so that's the biggest difference. 

"And the diet too, there's a few changes in the diet, not eating nearly as much, in strongman I used to eat a lot. 

"It was all about eating every two-three hours, big meals, while here I'm almost always hungry and always like to eat more. 

"The diet and the training are the biggest change in the two sports." 

Bjornsson, 32, in May 2020 called out Hall, 33, after he broke the Brit's 501kg deadlift record.

Ever since, the pair have dropped the weights and picked up gloves to prepare for a spectacle billed as 'the heaviest boxing match in history'.

Reign Total Body Fuel ambassador Bjornsson, has had three tune-up exhibition bouts in preparation for the grudge match with Hall in March.

They were against Irish cruiserweight Steven Ward, 31, English heavyweight Simon Vallily, 36, and most recently Canadian Larratt, 46.

Bjornsson, known as 'Thor', shocked even himself as he weighed in a career-low but does not expect to drop any size.

He said: "I was actually surprised how light I was. 

"I was on the scales at the weigh ins I was 147kilos if I remember right, rather light in my opinion, but that's fine, completely fine. 

"I think being somewhere around that is good for me, I doubt that I will drop more but you never know, I'm not really too worried about my body weight. 

"I'm just trying to train the way I'm doing and if that means I'm going to lose more weight, than so be it. 

"But I doubt that I will, because I've lost a lot of weight so far." 

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