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Fury as school shows 7-year-olds ‘anti-police’ vid saying ‘man was shot because he’s black’ and ‘you can’t trust cops’

SCHOOLS in the Seattle-area have been using an anti-police video in classes for second graders, it was reported.

The video features a story in which a white cop shot a man because he’s Black and has characters who say the police can’t be trusted.

Grove Elementary in Marysville, Washington posted a video animation to their online system entitled “Animation Series: Something Happened In Our Town”, local conservative radio station KTTH reports.

It features the story of a white officer shooting a Black man, as told through the experiences of a young white girl and a young Black boy.

When a white girl asks why police shot the man, she’s told by her sister: “The cops shot him because he was Black.”

In one part a Black boy talks through the police shooting with his parents.

His father says the officer “won’t go to jail” and his brother adds “cops stick up for each other. And they don’t like Black men”.

Meanwhil, Gig Harbor’s Discovery Elementary posted resources online for second grade students to explore the Black Lives Matter movement.

Under the heading “Black Lives Matter Instructional Library” it tells students “environmental justice is the way!”, celebrates May Day demonstrations, teaches students to demand “no justice, no peace” and “no war”.

It asks students “Are you an activist?” add also encourages  them to “Agitate! Organize!” and promotes “Workers rights!” and “Union. Union yes!!”

The story ends by promoting Zapatista, a far-left socialist political and militant group.

In the video “Peaceful Fights for Equal Rights,” students are introduced to Colin Kaepernick and encouraged to “take a knee.”

They’re also introduced to the concept that “white silence = violence”.


Jodi Runyon, Grove Elementary’s Director of Communications, Engagement, and Outreach responded to KTTH’s Jason Rantz Show.

She said the video was intended to be “an optional resource to build understanding in challenging times.”

But after two parents complained, the teacher pulled the video and said there was no “ill-intent” from the teacher.

Runyon said “there was no further discussion as the teacher addressed the parent’s concerns appropriately.”

Gig Harbor’s principal t Aimee Gordon told KTTH: “We don’t have a comment for you on this topic.”

It comes as  Seattle mayor Jenny Durkan could reportedly face charges for failing to clear the "autonomous zone" set up by Black Lives Matter protesters in the city earlier this year.

The Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone, known as CHAZ, was a six-block area occupied throughout June as part of demonstrations that followed the death of George Floyd the previous month.

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