Campers who left behind a wrecked camping site at a Scots beauty spot have been slammed over their thoughtless behaviour.

Local residents were forced to clean up the disgusting scene at Loch Tummel in Perth and Kinross, which was left behind on Saturday night.

Pictures from the site show the remains of a burnt-out tent which scorched the ground, along with discarded beer cans and plastic bottles.

The wrecked camp site needed to be cleared by local residents.
The wrecked camp site needed to be cleared by local residents

Empty beer crates could be also been seen dumped by the side of the picturesque loch.

The mess was left behind right on the banks of the water.

A local resident posted images of the damage on Facebook and called for more action on those who trash beauty spots after camping at them.

She told the Record: "I feel there needs to be a review of the outdoor access code to give the police the power to fine or prosecute those who blatantly disregard the code and controls to prevent over population of scenic spots.

Beers cans and packaging were strewn at the scene.
Beers cans and packaging left by the banks of the loch

"This should help protect responsible campers and the freedoms they enjoy, as well as protect our beautiful countryside and the environment.

Located near Pitlochry, the loch gives its name to the Loch Tummel National Scenic Area (NSA).

It’s one of 40 such areas in Scotland, which have exceptional scenery and are protected against certain forms of development.