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Furlough has made me realise I need career change to keep relationship


DEAR DEIDRE: SPENDING months on furlough over the past year gave me the opportunity to reflect on my life and it’s helped me to realise I need to make big changes.

I’ve been a chef working in top restaurants for 29 years and accepted the long hours and lack of social and love life.

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Now I see I need a new job if I’m ever going to have a life outside of work.

With 60 to 70-hour weeks, any relationship I’ve had has fizzled out.

I turn 50 this month, so how on earth am I going to get into something new?

DEIDRE SAYS: Anyone with your work ethic and skills will have no problem finding another role.

You may need to do a little lateral thinking – could you set up your own business, cooking meals for busy professionals or running cookery courses?

Perhaps you could chef for an organisation with more social hours.

I’m sending you my support pack on finding work, which will give you plenty of information.

Good luck – this is an exciting point in your life.

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