An irate McDonald's customer hit a staffer with a metal fry scoop after becoming enraged that her French fries were taking too long, police have said.

The unfortunate employee was left with a gash on their forehead after the scuffle at the fast food restaurant.

Detectives from the Nashville Police Department in Tennessee said that the female suspect then fled with a friend and children.

In an appeal for help, cops said in a statement : "North Precinct Investigators are asking for the public’s assistance in identifying a woman who got angry about her wait time on French fries at the McDonald’s on Brick Church Pike and injured an employee.

"The suspect entered the fast-food restaurant on October 2, placed her order and when the food took longer than she expected, she went behind the counter and punched an employee with the metal fry scooper.

Police released footage of the incident (


Nashville Police Dept)

"The assault left a gash on the victim’s forehead.

"The female suspect left with a friend and children in a silver Chevy Impala."

While the woman has not been formally identified officers released images captured of the incident as part of their appeal for information.

The woman in the images, wearing a plain white top and black shorts, appears to have a face covering pulled down over her chin.

It is not known in what condition the employee who was attacked was left in.

Police said anybody with information on the woman's identity is asked to contact Crime Stoppers at 615-742-7463.

The scrap took place at a McDonald's in the US. File image (


Google Streetview)

The confrontation at the fast food giant comes after a man allegedly threatened to blow up a McDonald's after they didn't have sauce he wanted.

In June Robert Golwitzer Jr was accused of calling the fast-food eatery in Iowa, US, to complain he did not get any dipping sauce for the meal he bought earlier.

Police told news site WHO 13 the 42-year-old, who was upset with his order, said on the phone he would punch a worker and blow up the branch.

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