Shocking footage has emerged that show an irate shopper threatening to 'knock out' a woman for not practising social distancing.

The furious man rages at the woman accusing her of stand too close to her rather than the two metres requires as part of the coronavirus lockdown.

The 36-clip is shot at the Costco car park in Thurrock, Essex, and shows the fuming shopper screaming at the woman who is wearing a mask and gloves.

He yells: “Do you not know what two metres is? Are you that thick?!"

Waving a finger at her he shouts: “No you’re thick! You’re thick!”

The Costco shopper threatens to ‘knock out’ the woman
The Costco shopper threatens to ‘knock out’ the woman

He starts walking off and refuses to listen to what the woman is saying hurling at her: “I don’t give a f***! I don’t care!”

The woman says there's something wrong with him to which he retorts: “There’s nothing wrong with me.

“There’s something wrong with you – coming up behind me that time! There’s something wrong with you.”

The woman gestures him to go in front her in the queue to which he replies: “I don’t want to go ahead. I’ll go in when I feel like it!”

The pair were arguing in the car park outside the store
The pair were arguing in the car park outside the store

But when the woman decides to step in front him he threatens her saying: “You go in front of me and I’ll f***ing knock you out.”

She replies: “Come at me! Come at me!”

And he threatens: “Yeah I f***ing would! I don’t give a f***!”

The film appears to have been shot by a bemused shopper who witnessed the argument.

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