Coronavirus continues to disrupt daily life, even after many more restrictions were relaxed in England on May 17.

Indoor gatherings and large events, including gatherings after weddings and funerals, will be among the final things to return to normal.

As things stand, what are the rules around wakes and how many people can attend?

Here’s all you need to know about funeral wakes in the UK.

How many people can attend a wake in England?

In England, a maximum of 30 people can attend wakes and commemorative events.

The amount of attendees allowed at the funeral service is not currently limited to a specific figure.

Instead, it will be determined by how many people the venue can safely accommodate with social distancing measures in place.

All reasonable measures should be put in place to maintain social distancing and keep those attending safe.

However, it should be noted that this only applies to the funeral service itself.

How many people can go to a wake in Wales?

In Wales, outdoor wakes are currently permitted for up to 30 people, while up to 15 people (not including children aged under 11 or carers) are allowed indoors if the venue has safety measures in place.

The rules are subject to change based on Alert Levels.

The celebration must be held in regulated premises, not in private dwellings when the Alert Level permits.

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How many people can attend a wake in Scotland?

The number of people allowed at a wake in Scotland depends on the Protection Level for the area.

Most of the country are now in Level 2, but Glasgow and Moray remain in Level 3.

A gathering or wake after a funeral should take place in regulated venues such as a hotel or restaurant.

Who can attend a wake in Northern Ireland?

In Northern Ireland you can’t have a wake or any other gathering before or after the funeral.

For now, wakes may be permitted again from May 24 – the country is regularly reviewing the situation.

If the person didn’t have coronavirus when they died, their body can be taken to a private house.

Only people who live in the house or are part of the support bubble can view their body.

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