This Morning fans have been left 'fuming' after the show ruined a Christmas game.

Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield were already getting into the festive spirit as they hosted their first show of December on Wednesday.

Holly was rocking a shimmering red dress and the studio had already been decked out with multiple trees and other Christmassy decorations.

But viewers were left unimpressed when the show 'ruined' a game that may be familiar to some - Whamageddon.

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If you haven't played it - or heard of it - it is played from December 1 up until Christmas Eve on December 24 and it sees those playing along trying to avoid hearing the classic hit, Last Christmas.

"We're causing some mischief of our own this morning," Phillip said before Holly explained why.

She continued: "If you're taking part in the social game, Whamageddon, from today, you'll be doing your best to avoid hearing Wham's Last Christmas for the remainder of the month."

"It's a ridiculous game - I'm just going to put that out with," Holly added. "It's a crazy game."

Phillip explained the rules of the game

As Phillip looked at her with a smirk, she said: "It's the best song. Why would you want to avoid it?"

Phillip shrugged his shoulders before explaing the rules.

"As soon as you hear it, you're out of the game," he said. "So we'll play it."

The song was then suddenly being played out in the studio when Phillip shouted, "No, no. Maybe we should play the game, not the song."

Holly threw her arms in the air as Phillip said: "We're out the game."

His co-host echoed: "We're out the game, that's it."

The pair tricked viewers

And not all This Morning viewers were happy about it.

@SpannaD tweeted: "I have one for Deidree… poxy #thismorning playing Wham on the FIRST DAY!!! #Whamageddon #whamhalla What website do I need??? #fuming."

"Just been Whammed by #ThisMorning , well that was the quickest game of whamagadon that I’ve ever played!!" @dragonlord1948 said.

@Missus_Johnson added: "So @thismorning just whammed everyone on purpose... does this count @absoluteradio as it was done on purpose? If it does count I'm never watching this morning ever again #Whamageddon."

"Damn you @thismorning! I’ve just been Whammed because of you," @NannaJayne6 commented.

But @jodphurs quickly got one step ahead, saying: "Muted my tv soon as they started mentioning wham, nobody is getting me this year! #ThisMorning."

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