The Prime Minister has announced new lockdown restrictions for England, lasting for a month.

People have been told to stay at home from Thursday until December 2, only leaving for "specific purposes".

These include childcare or education, if you cannot work from home, to exercise outdoors, for medical reasons and shopping for basic necessities.

Boris Johnson told a Downing Street press conference on Saturday evening: “We will get through this but we must act now to contain this autumn’s surge."

He insisted the new national lockdown is not the same as the “full scale lockdown” of the spring.

Non-essential retail will have to shut - except for delivery to customers and click-and-collect - while food shops, supermarkets, garden centres can stay open.

The Government says "certain other retailers providing essential goods and services" can also remain open, but has not yet provided any further details on this.

Full list of closures

The Government says hotels, hostels and other accommodation should only open for those who have to travel for work purposes - and for a limited number of other exemptions which will be set out in law.

What will stay open?