More than 150 bars and restaurants could be set to open out on to pavements across Liverpool in a bid to limit the effects of social distancing measures on capacity.

The government announced new powers to make it easier for restaurants and bars to open or expand on pavements.

Pavement licences, which already exist but normally take weeks to acquire, are set to be fast tracked to help the economy recover from coronavirus.

It comes in conjunction with a raft of other measures to help the hospitality sector, such as the shutting of some roads to cars to help provide the space for bars and restaurants to have seating outside.

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In total, 160 premises across the city have already applied to the council for permission for one, though they still have to clear other hurdles before the licences are granted.

If successful, outdoor seating, which is already being increased in the city centre, will become even more common for the remainder of the summer, with the current licences set to be valid until the end of September.

Many of the businesses already have some outdoor seating but here are all the restaurants which have applied for the pavement licences in Liverpool.

  1. Roxy Ball Room - Rainford Sq8-8A Roxy Ballroom, Rainford Square, Liverpool, L2 6PX
  2. Bloom Bar and Bistro, 149-151 Bloom Bar And Bistro, Allerton Road, Mossley Hill, Liverpool, L18 2DD10:00 - 21:00
  3. Vinebrook, 159-161 The Vinebrook, Kensington, Liverpool, L7 2RE11.00-21.00
  4. The Old Bank Alehouse, 301 Aigburth Road, St Michaels, Liverpool, L17 0BJ12.00-21.00
  5. The Beehive 7 The Beehive, Paradise Street, Liverpool, L1 3BL
  6. Butterfly and Grasshopper 1 Roscoes, Oldham Street, Liverpool, L1 2SU 12.00-23.00
  7. The Lodge
  8. The Lion Tavern, 67 Lion Tavern, Moorfields, Liverpool, L2 2BP12.00-23.00
  9. Newington Temple, 8 Newington, Liverpool, L1 4ED12.00-23.00
  10. The Moseley Arms, 156 Mill Street, Dingle, Liverpool, L8 6SR11.30-21.00
  11. Bistro Noir, 14-16 Lark Lane, Liverpool, L17 8US12.00-21.00
  12. The Liverpool, 14 James Street, City Centre, Liverpool, L2 7PQ09.00-23.00
  13. Harrisons Bar & Kitchen, 23 North John Street, Liverpool, L2 5QU10.00-23.00
  14. Void Lower Ground Floor, Mans Ruin BasementBasement, 27 Stanley Street, City Centre, Liverpool, L1 6AA10.00-23.00
  15. VietNom, 54-56 Berry Street, Liverpool, L1 4JQ11.00-22.00
  16. Sammies, 59 Granby Street, Liverpool, L8 2TU16.30-22.00
  17. Kittys Showbar, 69 Brunswick Bar, Tithebarn Street, Liverpool, L2 2EN08.00-17.00
  18. Thoughtfully Cafe Liverpool, 15 Cleveland Square, Liverpool, L1 5BE08.45-18.00
  19. Font Bar, The Font, Arrad Street, Liverpool, L7 7JE11.00-22.00
  20. Dough Bar, Hilbre Street, Liverpool, L3 5GA11.00-22.00
  21. Cook Street Coffee, 12 Cook Street, Liverpool, L2 9QU07.30-17.00
  22. Fika Coffee Shop, 131 Woolton Road, Wavertree, Liverpool, L15 6TB08.00-16.00
  23. Tempest on Tithebarn, Basement And Ground Floor, 12 Tempest, Tithebarn Street, Liverpool, L2 2DT 11:00-22:00
  24. Picnic Liverpool Smithdown, 509 Liberal Democrat Centre, Smithdown Road, Wavertree, Liverpool, L15 5AE11:00-21:00
  25. Lock & Key Hotel, 17 Duke Street, City Centre, Liverpool, L1 5AP14th July 2020
  26. Fazenda and El Gato Negro, Exchange Flags, Horton House, Exchange Flags, Liverpool, L2 3YL12:00 - 01:00
  27. Café Tabac, 126 Bold Street, Liverpool, L6 1JA14th July 2020
  28. The Herculaneum Bridge Hotel, 30 Herculaneum Bridge, Herculaneum Road, Liverpool, L8 4UY12:00 - 21:00
  29. Festival Food and Drink Grill , 7 Festival Food And Drink Limited, Mathew Street, Liverpool, L2 6RE12:00 - 22:00
  30. The Little Taproom on Aigburth Road, 278 Prudential, Aigburth Road, St Michaels, Liverpool, L17 9PJ12:00 - 21:00