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From percolators to water filters, invest in technology to save yourself cash

THE latest coffee-making tech can be expensive – but it can save you lots of cash in the long run.

It’s predicted that we will spend more than £4billion pounds on our daily takeaway coffee fix this year.

But you can slash your cuppa costs and more with devices from percolators to water filters . . . 

Coffee fix: A medium latte at Costa Coffee costs £2.55, which works out at £930.75 a year if you were to drink one every day.

But the Tassimo by Bosch Happy Pod machine at Argos is £39.99, and a pack of eight Costa Coffee Tassimo Latte pods at Asda is £4.99, which means by the end of the year you would have spent £227.66 on your homemade coffee, if you had one every day.

Add to this the cost of the coffee machine and the total is £267.65, which means by investing in a gadget you will have saved more than £650 over a year.

SAVING: £663.10 in a year

Thrifty filters: I’m not a massive fan of tap water so I invested in the Wilko Water jug. It’s currently on offer for £5, down from £7 and comes with one universal fitting filter. It can handle around 170 litres of water before it needs replacing, which is the equivalent of one month’s normal use.

That’s far cheaper than buying bottled water, especially when 12 litres of Tesco Ashbeck water is £2.10 a pack. To get the equivalent of 170 litres of Tesco Ashbeck water, you would spend £29.75 — so already you have saved £24.75 in the first month. You can also currently get a pack of three filters for £3.50, down from £5.

SAVING: £29.75 in the first month

Brush to it: If you’re like me and you go through a bottle of Simple Cleansing lotion — £3.80 at Boots — every month, that means you’re spending £45.60 a year on lotion.

On top of this, I also spend an extra £7.08 a year on the twin pack of cotton pads from Aldi. Which comes to a total of £52.68.

But, to save cash, why not invest in the nspa Expert Facial Cleansing Brush from Asda? It’s on offer for £10, down from £15 and only requires a small bit of cleanser per application, making that bottle of cleanser last twice as long.

It’s also far cheaper than the more expensive No7 Radiant Results Revitalising Sonic Action Cleansing Brush, which sells for £30 at Boots.

SAVING: £42.68

Deal of the day

SAVE: £2

Cheap treat

FANS of crème brûlée will love the new ice cream in that flavour at Lidl stores.

Pop a tub in your basket for £1.99.

Top swap

CLEANING the bathroom need not cost you £2 a time with Cif Power & Shine bathroom spray at Tesco. Aldi’s own version does the trick just as well – and it only costs 69p.

SAVE: £1.31

Shop and save

IT’S Fry-day! Order a set of three Salter Megastone non-stick frying pans from for £34.99, down from £69.99.

SAVE: £35

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