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From Apple’s new iPhone 13 to iPads and Watch – we round up key details from virtual launch

IPHONES with pro-level cameras, a watch with a fifth larger face, and the first major redesign of the iPad mini since its launch were unveiled this week.

Apple’s annual event was back after being delayed by Covid last year but there were none of the major leaps seen last October.

A year ago, there were four models of the iPhone for the first time, including the biggest ever, 5G was finally introduced and a magnetic charging system.

But it is likely the iPhone will still outsell last year’s with the incremental boosts maintaining its position as the best smartphone.

We round up the key details from the virtual event.


APPLE is hoping that up to two-and-a-half hours of extra battery, a 20-per- cent faster brain and fancy camera features — rather than a redesign — can tempt users to upgrade.

The four iPhone 13 models look the same, except the notch at the top of the display is 20-per-cent smaller and there are new colours, including pink.

Camera boosts include a new cinematic mode that will let users film videos with Hollywood-style effects.

Plus, there’s the ability to take close-up macro snaps on the Pro models.

In a rare move for Apple, prices are lower than last year — £50 for the Pro models and £20 for the standard 13 models.

All four share similar improvements.

They have the same revamped A15 Bionic brain, which is 20-per-cent faster than last year’s and also quicker than any processor in rival smartphones.

Across all four there are better cameras and bigger batteries.

The 13 mini and the 13 Pro will both have up to one-and-a-half hours’ extra battery compared to last year’s 12 models, while the standard 13 and the 13 Pro Max can last up to an extra two-and-a-half hours.

The differences between the four devices follow the same pattern as last year, and the Pro models are able to take better snaps thanks to an extra lens.

They have the same normal and wide- angle lenses — all improved on last year for better low-light shots and the cinematic mode.

Macro snaps

This allows for people walking across the frame to stay in focus.

It will also let the focus be switched from different objects, for instance a person in the foreground and one farther away, when filming live or editing.

The Pro models’ additional telephoto lens offers zoom, now upped to 3x, plus ability to take close-up macro snaps.

The Pro can focus on objects just 2cm away.

The 13 models come in red, white, black, blue and pink. The Pros are in blue, silver, gold and grey

All can be ordered now and are in shops, or will be shipped on Friday.

Ben Wood, chief analyst at mobile industry analysis company CCS Insight, said the key improvements to the iPhone’s battery life and cameras would be enticing.

He said: “The new iPhones see Apple returning to the staples of battery life, screen technology, performance and camera capabilities, all of which are attractive.”

All geared up for the cyclists

Apple Watch

A BIGGER display on the latest Watch means it can now feature a full keyboard, making it easier to type messages or even short emails.

The borders on the Series 7 are narrower to allow for 20 per cent more screen area.

This extra space means you can have a qwerty keyboard to tap out letters, or quickly swipe across them to form words.

Until now, text entry was via voice recognition or writing letters with a finger in a box one by one.

This Watch is also geared up for cyclists.

It can automatically detect bike exercise, even adjusting it for an e-bike.

It also adds detection for when someone falls off a bike, alerting authorities if they don’t click on the Watch to say they are OK.

Charging is 33-per-cent faster – handy for those who use the sleep- tracking introduced last year.

It won’t be out until closer to Christmas and no price has been set. But expect it from £429, like the Series 6.

iPad Mini’s powerful new look

iPad and iPad Mini

AT £319, the boosted entry-level iPad could be a hit this Christmas.

It does not have the full-screen display of the iPad Pro and Air, but is at a price that will appeal to families.

Compared to last year’s model, it has a faster processor ­– the A13 Bionic first seen two years ago in the iPhone 11.

Plus a wide-angle front lens allows the Centre Stage feature for the iPad Pro to be added.

This is for when a user wants to move around on a video call.

Meanwhile, the iPad Mini has had a big redesign, with the straight edges and all-screen display seen in the Pro and Air models.

The physical design had not changed since its introduction in 2012, apart from Touch ID added to the home button.

With that gone, the fingerprint sensor is now on the power button.

There is no Face ID, as seen on the fancier iPad models or iPhones

It also now has Centre Stage and 5G for the first time.

Starting at £479, it is more of a premium device for those who need a tiny but powerful tablet.

It features the A15 Bionic chip seen in the new iPhones.

Both can be ordered now and shipped on Friday.

Apple reveals NEW iPhone 13 at California launch event

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