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Friends spot a creepy critter in teen’s selfie after night out but can you find it too?


A HUNGOVER girl sent a selfie to her pals - but failed to spot a creepy intruder lurking in the photo.

Olivia Nunn posted the photo of her looking worse-for-wear in a hoodie to the group chat after a boozy night out.

But her horrified pals realised she wasn't alone in the picture and were quick to tell unwitting Olivia, who lives in Middlesbrough.

Lurking in the hood the reveller had shoved on for comfort was a massive spider just inches from her eye.

Olivia's friends were left in hysterics by the nightmare ordeal and posted about the photo on Twitter.

Grace Graham wrote: "Nearly 24 hours later I still cannot get over Olivia sending a hungover selfie in the group chat and there's a spider just chilling in her hood."

One said: "My soul would have left my f***ing body omfg."

Another wrote: "Would set myself on fire.”

While a third said: "It's the fact it's got her trapped in there like Ryan Reynolds in Buried. Nowhere to run.

"Can't take the hood down, can't move, can't blink, nothing."

Luckily Olivia wasn't too freaked out by the huge creepy crawly - telling her concerned followers: "Feel fine tbh spiders are my friends."

She isn't the only person to find they have been joined by a massive spider.

Last year, terrified Laree Clarke told how she returned home in Australia to find an enormous huntsman spider the size of a saucepan in her living room.

And Chris Brown was stunned when a green-fanged cannibal spider emerged from a hole in his wall in Wiltshire in September.

While in August, a car passenger unfolded his sun visor to reveal a venomous huntsman spider lurking.

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