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Frank Williams dies: Fans pay homage to Dad's Army Rev. Timothy Farsing dies

Dad's Army actor Frank Williams died at the age of 90.

This star was best known for playing Timothy Farsing in the Dads Army of theBBCseries. A statement shared on

Facebookstates: Almost 91 years old, I am grateful for his many years of joy, laughter, and happiness that he has brought to many. Thank you Frank!

The actor was born in 1931 and was educated at Ardingly College, West Sussex and Hendon School.

He started his acting career at the Repertoire Theater and worked at Watford. The Palace Theater was run by Jimmy Perry, the creator of Duds Army.

Frank is best known for his appearance in Duds Army. (



Frank first appeared in Dad's Army in the episode "The Armored Might" He also appeared in two feature films in almost 50% of the series of Lance Corporal Jones, the first episode of Season 3.

And now, the only surviving cast members are Ian'Private Pike'Lavender', 76.

Frank said it was'ha to be in his dad's army before Frank, the hardest time in his professional life. "

Stars have appeared in almost 50% of the series (



Before turning 90, Frank was talking aboutreaching his age:"It's It was the happiest time in my professional life. At first I thought it was just one episode, but the character became regular.

"Of the 80 episodes on TV I'm going to appear in 39 episodes, an original movie, a stage show, and 14 radio episodes. I can't believe I'm celebrating that milestone. "

He's heading to the end of life I was partially witnessed and was walking with a stick. But it didn't stop him from watching the rerun of his dad's army. ..

Frank as a pastor (right) (


Internet unknown)

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"I have macular degeneration. It's frustrating, but I deal with it. If I stand near me, I still recognize people.

"Unfortunately, I'm listening to an audiobook because I can't read it anymore. When I watch TV, I have to sit near the set, but the episode is displayed. It's fun to see it every time. "

Regarding the charm of the show, he also said," All characters are interesting and appeal to people of all ages, including children.

"Once upon a time, a friend of mine liked his three 1-year-old granddaughters Dad's Army more than Postman Pat. Behind my spare Harmonium Captain Mainwaring ... and it's in Wax Crayon,

"RIP Duds Army Rev. Timothy Farsing, also known as Actor Frank Williams, who died at the age of 90. Thank you for all the joy and laughter."

80s Jeffrey Holland, the actor who played Spike in the BBC comedy HiDeHi, said: Happy days working together on Dads Army's stage and screen, or a great time shared with him and Ronnie at reunions and events. An important memory. "

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