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Frank Bruno floored by Leighton Buzzard earthquake when his punchbag hit him back


FRANK Bruno was floored during an earthquake when his punchbag hit him back.

The boxing legend was working out when it swung violently in a tremor and clobbered him.

Stunned Frank said he had flashbacks of being punched by fellow ex-World Heavyweight Champion Mike Tyson before he twigged the real reason.

Frank, 58, who lives in the UK’s “seismic capital” of Leighton Buzzard, Beds, told The Sun: “When that punchbag hit me it was like Mike Tyson hitting me out of nowhere.

“Bang, your sense of timing stops and what’s really a couple of seconds feels like minutes. As my old friend and commentator ’Arry Carpenter used to ask me, ‘You never saw that one coming, did you, Frank?’”

Big Frank, who won 40 of 45 fights, was in the garden when a second tremor struck, leading to another mishap.

He said: “I was on the lawnmower doing the last cut of the season when it happened.

"My straight lines on my grass went all curvy. As Elvis Presley said, I was All Shook Up.”

Leighton Buzzard saw two ’quakes last Tuesday, a 3.0-magnitude in the morning and a 2.1 tremor in the afternoon.

There was a 3.5 biggie on September 8 and an aftershock on September 13.

British Geological Survey seismologists said there are “lines of weakness” running beneath the town.

What is a 'earthquake swarm'?

Earthquake swarms happen when many quakes hit the same area in a short space of time.

They are different from aftershocks as there is no "main" earthquake.

The number of tremors in a swarm cannot be predicted.

Leighton Buzzard earthquake – Third tremor in TWO weeks hits Bedfordshire as 3m quake rattles homes and spooks the dogs again

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