French authorities have detained a British trawler and have given a verbal warning to others fishing in their waters.

In a tweet the the French Maritime Ministry said: ‘This Wednesday, two English ships were fined during classic checks off Le Havre.

‘The first did not comply spontaneously: verbalisation. The second did not have a licence to fish in our waters: diverted to the quay and handed over to the judicial authority.’

It is the latest development in an ongoing dispute between the two countries over fishing rights in each other’s waters.

France says its fishermen are still waiting for half the licences allowing them to use British waters, as promised under the Brexit agreement.

Yesterday the country issued a list of sanctions that could be brought in from November 2 unless sufficient progress is made to resolve the conflict.

France could ramp up border and sanitary checks on British goods coming in, deny fishing boats access to certain ports and toughen checks on trucks, the French maritime and European affairs ministries said in a joint statement.

Last month France was left outraged by the UK and Jersey’s decision to reject the vast majority of applications from French fishermen looking to continue to operate in UK waters.

Under new arrangements, French businesses must submit a dossier proving they have a track record of operating in the Channel in order to receive a permit.

French politicians have warned of retaliatory tariffs on energy, customs, and access to ports if the problem continues.

In May French trawlers descended on the harbour of St Helier and set off flares in a protest over post-Brexit fishing rights and fled when two Royal Navy gunships showed up.

They warned the next time ‘would be war’ and threatened to blockade Calais to stop UK goods from coming in.

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