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Fox News' Sean Hannity admits on air that he doesn't vet the information that he reads out

Fox News’ Sean Hannity, a reporter who has interviewed president Trump many times on television, has admitted live on air that he does not vet the information that he gives out to his viewers.

During a segment on his show on Monday about ‘Media Malpractice’ which was mostly him criticising the media’s handling of Trump’s baseless claims of voter fraud. Although he did admit that they will highlight any irregularities he also strangely said that he dosen’t check all of the information that he gives out on his show. 

“We'll follow the facts. We'll highlight concerning allegations and irregularities. We'll also review some highly unusual voting patterns in America's swing states. Now, that's because we're not the media mob,” he said before adding ”This show, we, in this hour, I am not told what to say. I don't vet the information on this program that I give out. We have always been independent, follow our own path on the show. That's not going to change for me ever."

The purpose of the segment was to attempt to highlight what Hannity called “highly unusual voting patterns” in states which swung in favour of Joe Biden during the 2020 US election. Hannity also attempted to call out the media for not taking Trump’s claims seriously but that only backfired on him when he admitted that he doesn’t always check the information that he is reading out. 

A few weeks ago Hannity’s colleague at Fox News, Tucker Carlson, had to apologise after he falsely reported that a dead person voted for Biden in the election. 

According to Newsweek Hannity did later clarify what he meant to say stating, “When I said I don't vet this program, I vet the program, we vet the facts. We got Obama right. We got Russia right. We got Ukraine right. We vetted Biden when nobody else would in the Biden family thing. We vet what we do. We're not told what to do. They get everything wrong every single time.”

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