Fox hunts are today accused of continuing to target the animals - 15 years to the day after the bloodsport was banned.

Hunting with hounds was banned on February 18, 2005 following the Hunting Act’s approval by Parliament.

But campaigners claim foxes, hares and deer are still chased across the countryside and mauled to death by packs of dogs as hunts exploit legal loopholes.

The League Against Cruel Sports has published an interactive map showing the areas of operation of 299 hunts.

The charity also wants a crackdown on trail hunts, which it claims are covers for illegal hunting.

Director of campaigns Chris Luffingham said: “The shocking scale of hunting still taking place in the countryside, 15 years after the bloodsport of hunting with hounds was banned, is heartbreaking.

Hunts have continued to meet despite hunting wild animals with dogs being banned for 15 years

“Most people believe hunting has been consigned to the history books but, as this map shows, it is sadly still rife across Great Britain.

“This map allows the public to find out what hunts are local to them, which animals are being targeted, and how much land is still being used for this brutal bloodsport.”

The League has received more than 300 reports of foxes and other animals being pursued by hunts since the hunting season began in late October.

Mr Luffingham accused hunts of “essentially ignoring the ban since it was introduced”.

Chris Luffingham from the League Against Cruel Sports

They have “carried on chasing and killing British wildlife”, he said.

He added: “The hunts currently exploit weaknesses in the law or use the excuse they are following scent trails that have been laid, but it is evident they are simply covering up their bloodthirsty hunting activities.”