This is the devastating moment four sleeping dogs are attacked by a swarm of killer bees, killing two of them.

The heartbreaking tragedy was filmed at a home in the town of Guarapari in South East Brazilian state of Espirito Santo.

The dogs are co-owned by Thais Pacheco and her ex-boyfriend and the horrifying moment was captured on his home CCTV.

He was at work when it happened and was later told about the events by his neighbours.

In the video, the dogs can be seen peacefully sleeping before one of them wakes up and starts shaking.

Seconds later, all of them are awake and frantically shaking the bees off of them.

This is the moment a man's dogs are attacked by killer bees while they sleep (



They try to run around the patio to get away from the swarm, but their efforts are not enough.

In one clip, a killer bee lands on the camera.

Pacheco said her ex came home to find some of the dogs vomiting and others already passed out with signs of bleeding.

Suzy, a Rottweiler, had escaped amid the chaos but was sadly found dead on a street behind the house.

In one clip, a bee is seen on the camera (



Bob, another dog, also died from the attack.

The two other dogs were rushed to get urgent veterinary treatment. One pooch remains under observation at the clinic.

Virginia Hemerich, the president of the Regional Council of Veterinary Medicine of Espirito Santo (CRMV), said the deaths were probably a result of anaphylactic shock.

She added: "A sting can cause a strong reaction. Multiple stings can lead to a generalised reaction because of the toxins released by the bees."

In 2018, a woman was left fighting for life after she was attacked by a swarm of 80,000 bees.

Suzy sadly died after being attacked by killer bees (



Witnesses said a foot wide cloud of Africanised bees, known as killer bees, swarmed around the woman's head.

The incident happened in Lake Forest, California, and firefighters said they were horrified when they arrived on the scene.

Known only as Maria, the 52-year-old cleaning lady was working a shift when she was attacked by the bees as they poured out of a drain.

Bob also sadly died after he was attacked by bees (



Witnesses told the station Maria was in the house with the other three cleaning ladies when she went outside to get a mop.

As she was looking in the boot of her car for the mop, she turned around and the bees hit her.

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