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Former Marine breaks world record after planking for more than eight hours

A former US Marine has achieved the Guinness World Record for the longest plank ever, completing the challenge in eight hours, 15 minutes and 15 seconds.

For George Hood, who previously worked as a supervisory special agent at the Drug Enforcement Administration, this is not the first time he has achieved a world record for an incredible fitness-based feat.

In 2013, Hood set the record for the longest abdominal plank in three hours, seven minutes and 15 seconds.

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However, three years later he was defeated in another planking world record attempt, beaten by Mao Weidong of Beijing who managed to obtain the record in eight hours and one minute.

At the age of 62, Hood is once again the world record holder, having carried out his latest attempt in Chicago, Illinois.

Hood conducted his attempt at 515 Fitness, a person fitness studio that focuses on both physical and mental health and that co-sponsored the event.

Despite holding himself in position on his toes and forearms for a painstakingly long period, the former Marine was able to shift his focus while planking, hearing presentations from people with autism and learning difficulties.

Once Guinness World Records adjudicator Philip Robertson confirmed that Hood had broken the record, the athlete announced his retirement from planking world record attempts.

However, he still found enough energy after breaking the world record to do 75 celebratory push ups.

Hood’s longest planking time is actually two hours longer than his record, having lasted for 10 hours and 10 minutes during a 2018 practise attempt.

He commemorated his new world record on Instagram, sharing a photograph of his official Guinness World Records certificate.

“It’s official and I’m so very proud of this one. Grateful for a TeamHood crew and support from around the world,” he said.

“I’ll continue to share this experience as often as I can. With the setting of this particular Guinness World Record, I have officially retired the pose as I know it and will move onto other endeavours.”