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Former Lush employee reveals how to get freebies and why you should always keep the empty containers

LUSH former employees have lifted the lid on what really goes on behind the scenes in the beauty store - including how to get freebies. 

If you want to bag yourself a bargain, all you need to do is be bold enough to ask a staff member. 

TikTok user kuwmatthew, who claims to have worked at Lush a year ago, said: “The rumours are true, you can get free products when you visit a Lush store. 

“The way you can leave the store with a big bag of free stuff is by going up to one of the Lush employees and asking them for a sample. 

“You can sample pretty much everything.”

He added that the samples aren’t huge, but you could get a week’s worth of your favourite shampoo or body wash without paying a penny. 

Matthew added that if you are nice to staff or “have a cool story”, they can give out free products such as bath bombs as a random act of kindness.

Another handy tip he had was that if you want to get the freshest products, you should use the items at the back of the shelf. 

He explained: “The oldest stuff that is going to go out of date is always at the front.”

TikTok ssadiemay added that if you hand in five of your old Lush black pots, you get a free face mask as a thank you. 

The Lush worker added: “They get made into new pots and into our baskets”. 


  1. You can ask for free samples in store
  2. You can (usually) get free demonstrations of products (not during coronavirus restrictions though)
  3. Take products at the back of the shelf for fresher stock
  4. You can resuse bath bombs if you take them out halfway
  5. Take in five old black pots for a free face mask

In addition to free products, you can also get a free demonstration of products in store. 

YouTuber Mar said she basically got a “mini facial” and “massage” without paying a penny after staff tried out a whole range of products on her face. 

She also demonstrated how bath bombs can be used twice, if you fish them out the bath when they are halfway dissolved.

A spokesperson for Lush told Fabulous that samples are available in store.

They added: "In terms of staff offering demos on the customers skin, this is not something that is currently being offered due to restrictions and government guidelines. 

"Reusable bubble bars can be used multiple times but bath bombs are designed for single use.

"You can return five black pots for a free fresh face mask."

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