Former Cardiff City owner Sam Hammam has revealed the chilling details of how the Beirut explosion decimated a house he was in.

The Lebanese businessman, who was Bluebirds boss between 2000-06, was playing poker at a friend's house in the capital city when the horrendous explosion took place.

Scenes of the terrifying incident, which has so far taken the of at least 100 people while 4,000 remain wounded, have been plastered all over news outlets for the last 24 hours, with much of the city having been reduced to rubble.

But Hammam, who was so close to the incident, has given a harrowing insight into how it unfolded for him just five miles away.

“I was at a friends house, five miles from where the explosion took place, we were actually playing poker,” he told Euro News Weekly.

“We were sat around the table, concentrating on the game, when from nowhere, we heard the explosion, ducked and within seconds all the windows on the house blew in and the front door blasted open.

“The front door was totally blown off its hinges as it blew right throughout the hallway – it was a thick solid oak door too.

“As for us men, we were in the poker room, as soon as the debris stopped, we raced to another room at the back of the friend’s house where our wives were, including my wife Nadia, we were so relieved to see they were all uninjured, just suffering from shock, it was an awful experience."

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Hammam was said to have been audibly distraught when giving the interview to the Spanish news outlet, with his capital city left in ruins.

He and his wife Nadia quickly fled to their home, around 15 miles away from the explosion, which had taken only shrapnel damage and was still fortunately in one piece.

Other members of his family, however, were not so fortunate and Hammam has sought to relocate them to his other properties further away from the epicentre of the damage.

“Two family members had their homes destroyed in the blast," he added.

"I have arranged for them to move into two of my properties further out the city, they are distraught at losing their homes of many years, we are just so thankful they survived the blast.”

Despite the traumatic events which had taken place, football-mad Hammam revealed he sat down to watch Tuesday night's play-off final in which Fulham defeated Brentford to earn promotion to the Premier League.

He still has designs on returning to the Welsh capital one day and is intent on once again seizing control of his beloved Bluebirds.

“I’m thinking of returning to my London home at present until matters improve here but I will never desert my home city, I’m a very proud Lebanese man and proud of my heritage,” he added.

“I also still want my football club back, Cardiff City and that will happen one day, I assure you baby.”