Newly-released video footage has shown the exact words said between Canelo Alvarez and Caleb Plant before their scuffle unfolded on stage at their press conference.

Alvarez and Plant will fight on November 6 in Las Vegas as both men aim to become the first undisputed super middleweight champion in boxing history.

The two men faced off for the first time when they met at a press conference in Los Angeles last month, with Alvarez shoving Plant and both men taking a shot at each other.

It was unclear what was said between the two men, but video footage published from Showtime's All Access series has now revealed their exchange.

Alvarez told Plant: "You will see something different, I promise you. You're gonna pay everything."

And he replied: "I ain't the other boys. You're gonna see."

Canelo Alvarez will fight Caleb Plant on November 6 (


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"You will see. You wanna be something different. You will see. You're not in this level," Alvarez said.

Plant can then be heard saying: "You're gonna see mother******."

Alvarez was agitated after Plant said this with the Mexican shoving his opponent on stage. The two came to blows for a brief moment before security broke them up.

Plant had a cut under his eye after the scuffle which he claimed was because of his sunglasses, not the strike that Alvarez landed in their debacle.

Undefeated Plant faces a big step up in competition against boxing's pound-for-pound No.1 Alvarez, who has stopped four of his last six opponents.

And Alvarez said Plant crossed the line at the presser by insulting his mother.

He told ESPN : "He started talking a lot of things. The bad thing he said is you mother******. You can say whatever you want to me, but not my mother. My mother is not here and has nothing to do with this.

"He lost already in his mind because he thinks he's trying to punish me, but he's in a dangerous place. I'm just calm and waiting for November 6."

Plant denied insulting Alvarez's mother, stating on Twitter : "My mother was shot and killed by the police 2yrs ago.

"Why would I ever bring anyone’s mother up and even if I didn’t give a f***, why would I open that door up just for some1 to 1 up me and tell me 'didn’t your mom get shot and killed by the police dummy'?

"No way you all believe that s***. Truth is he’s mad he’s got someone in front of him who isn’t scared of him and isn’t just here to pick up a check and his ego can’t handle it."

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