Having fought a constant one-woman battle against plastic, and various underpants that live on the floor rather than in a drawer in my house, I was thrilled to see Ben Fogle in Thursday’s Mirror urging us all to “ditch single use”.

In other words plastic that can’t be recycled or used again once we’re done with it.

I despair at the amount of plastic on supermarket shelves and I despair even more at my mainly male household which seems to be swathed in it, -especially following a big shop with either of my sons.

Single-use plastic is an absolute menace to society, not to mention to wildlife, the environment and our oceans.

I have tried many times to find out why glass bottles have been phased out in favour of plastic. Well, I know why, of course, the plastic kind are lighter, more -portable, unbreakable, but that’s it, when just a tiny little bit of inconvenience – if you can call it that – means your eco-conscience being clear.

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I don’t get why most of our supermarkets don’t offer large, sturdy brown paper bags, like the ones you see in New York Christmas street scenes, instead of the ubiquitous, plastic supermarket fare that parades along our high streets.

Also, I am obsessed with loo roll, but why the huge family packs containing at least 12-16 rolls are mostly wrapped in plastic rather then paper is beyond me. It’s a menace to the millions, yes millions of animals killed by plastic every year, from birds to fish to other marine organisms.

Ben readily admits that he would often “pick up a sandwich in a single-use packet”, then grab a plastic bottle of water when he got thirsty. Now though, he says “I go out of my way to make a packed lunch and take my reusable bottle and coffee cups everywhere”.

So, if Ben can do it, why not make a pledge this weekend and be a Ben. If more of us were more mindful of the impact that our selfish habits have on the environment and what that means for the future of our planet, and humankind, we’d all be full-time Bens!

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