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Floyd Mayweather sends £70k cheque to pay for George Floyd’s funeral costs as it’s what ‘he feels is right in his heart’


FLOYD MAYWEATHER sent a £70,000 cheque to pay for George Floyd's funeral costs in a touching move that he felt was "right in his heart".

America has erupted into chaos after Floyd died in police custody in Minneapolis a week ago.

Footage showed him struggling for breath as an officer knelt on his neck for nine minutes, sparking mass protests.

And violence has spread to 30 cities across America, with President Donald Trump now prepared to put the Army on streets.

But amid the riots, boxing legend Mayweather has offered to pay for four funerals for Floyd, with a source telling TMZ: "He is just doing what he feels is right in his heart.”

FightHype then obtained a video of the 43-year-old explaining his decision to foot the bill for Floyd's funerals.

Mayweather, talking in his Las Vegas gym, said: “The thing is this, you do different things different ways, so we’re giving back like that, our team.

“I’m basically saying it’s coming from all of us, because we’re all a team. So we’re giving back.

“He having three funerals, probably even four, but I’m taking care of all of them.

Mayweather then went on to say: “It’s no different from everybody else supporting their own folks, there’s no difference about Mexicans supporting Mexicans, Dominicans supporting Dominicans, Chinese support Chinese, Puerto Ricans support Puerto Ricans, I’m a black American - I support my people first."

The good will gesture is not a first for retired boxer - who throughout his career supported homeless charity in Vegas.

Mayweather also paid for the funerals of Joe Frazier and former opponent Genaro Hernandez, who he beat in 1998.

The American was hit with tragedy himself this year, as Josie Harris, mother to three of his four children, was found dead in her car aged 40 which came two weeks before uncle and former trainer Roger passed at 58-year's-old.

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