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Flight attendant reveals the clothing mistakes that passengers always make on planes

A FLIGHT attendant has revealed the things you should never wear on a plane, unless you want to have an uncomfortable journey - and even risk your life.

Andrea Fischbach, who works for American Airlines, gave her top tips, having been in the skies as a member of the cabin crew for years.

One thing she says to never wear are "leather trousers" - or anything constricting - as it raises the risk of getting deep vein thrombosis (DVT).

She told Yahoo: "I would advise against anything really constricting. You want to get the most comfortable you can be to avoid cramping, swelling, and anything that can affect you later.

"Bloating is a major issue, even for flight attendants, so wear something comfortable around your waist like elastic.

"As cute as they may be, leather pants probably aren't the best."

However, she also warns that what you wear could end up saving your life in case there is ever an acident on the plane.

She continued: "Going a bit extreme here, but there is always a risk with long fringe should the plane have a fire.

"I traveled a lot growing up, and one rule my mother made me follow that I continue to follow to this day is to always have my body covered.

"Emergency slides are not fun to go down and hurt—a lot—and it's not a smooth landing once you reach the end of the slide."

For this same reason, she said she advises against heels or flip flips, as not only can they puncture the slide, but she said "who knows where and in what conditions you'll land".

Other things to avoid are crop tops and skimpy clothing - "we all know airplanes are freezing" - and jewellery - "some TSA agents might not allow [it all] through".

She finished by saying: "Cover yourself up for safety and comfort, and wear covered shoes in the lavatories. And yes, it is possible to dress comfortably and still look chic."

Her top advice for what to wear on planes? Lots of layers, elasticated waists and extra thick socks.

Other flight attendants have shared their top advice on what to wear, including never wearing shorts, and why leggings are a dangerous option.

Flight attendant reveals why you should NEVER wear shorts on a plane and it’s really gross

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