When it comes to travelling by plane, there are a number of things we've always wanted to know about being a flight attendant.

Luckily for us, a number of our questions have been answered thanks to a TikTok user named Kat Kamalani.

Kat, who lives in the US, is a flight attendant and has been posting a number of plane secrets and tips on the video-sharing platform.

She recently explained how passengers could get themselves free drinks and air miles when they travel and is now back with another clip.

This time, she's shared the reason why you rarely see flight attendants going through security with you.

Kat Kamalani on TikTok
Kat has been sharing flight attendant secrets on TikTok

Kat explained: "Have you ever been in the airport and you thought 'where's all the flight attendants and the pilots? Why are they not going through security?'

"I'm gonna tell you where we actually go.

"So, at most major airports, we have something that's known as K.C.M. or Known Crew Member and what this is, is when we're hired we get an extensive background check on us, we get our fingerprints done, it's a whole entire process.

"So we can actually go through a secret little door, show our badge, show our Known Crew Member, it gets scanned and we just walk right through, we don't have to do security."

However, there are a few exceptions to this rule.

"There are some times when we can't do this," clarified Kat.

"So if you do see a flight crew member going through security, sometimes we randomly get picked, so when we're scanning our badges it says you have to go through security and we get walked to the very front to just go through like everybody else.

"But we do get to bypass the three-ounce rule, we can have more liquids than that."

More than 372,000 people have since watched the video, with it garnering over 64,000 likes.

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