Face masks have once again become mandatory on public transport and in shops in England.

With the new rules in force, many people will be experiencing the inconveniences that come with wearing a face mask frequently.

And people who need to wear glasses know these inconveniences all too well.

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One of the most common issues with wearing glasses and a face mask at the same time is that your breath can be directed upwards and fog up your vision.

While taking off your glasses and wiping them seems like a quick and easy fix, the Mirror reported that it can in fact increase the risk of infection.

Thankfully, we have five top tips to help people with glasses keep their vision crystal clear while wearing a face mask.

These five tips will help keep your glasses clear while wearing a face covering

Twisting your mask straps

One of the hacks that have been seen around the internet to prevent foggy lenses is twisting your mask straps once before wearing them and tucking them behind the ears.

From the side, once you twist it, the elastics will look like a figure of eight.

This is great for stopping fogging because it redirects your breath by putting slight downward pressure on the top part of the mask. Though, it's worth noting that it does create a slight gap between the mask and your face that may leave you vulnerable.

Adjust your nose wires

A nose wire helps to seal the top of your mask and prevents warm air from seeping through.

While most surgical masks already have built-in nose wires, you can easily make one of your own for any mask with pipe cleaners, paper clips, or jewellery wires, all of which can be secured along with the mask with fabric glue.

If your mask doesn't have a nose wire and you can't make one, you can simply secure the top and sides of your mask with surgical tape for the same protection.

Tightening the wire on your mask can reduce the rate your glasses fog up

Washing your glasses with soap

If you wash your glasses with soap, this creates a thin film on your lenses which limits fogging.

Use fragrance-free soap and mix it with warm water. Soak your glasses in it and let it air dry. When you wear your glasses next, soap molecules on your lenses should block condensation.

It's best if you let your glasses soak in overnight, but if you want to wear your glasses right away then make sure to gently wipe them with microfibre cloths, which usually come with your glasses.

Use tissues

You can put a tissue under the top part of the mask which will help catch air and moisture, keeping your lenses free of fog.

To do this DIY trick properly, you should fold a tissue in half and place the straight edge along the bridge of your nose.

Make sure you have a steady supply of tissues on hand so that you can change the tissue once it becomes damp from your breath.

Safely change the position of your masks and glasses

Pulling your mask up and drawing your glasses down can block your breath from rising upwards.

But there are a couple of things to be careful of when doing this.

Firstly, you need to make sure that your mask still covers your chin after you pull it up or it will be less effective.

Also, if your prescription is stronger, this trick could impact your vision and cause increased blurriness, potentially causing an avoidable accident.