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Five huge Emmerdale spoilers for next week including Jamie Tate’s twisted revenge plan for Gabby

JAMIE Tate takes Mackenzie’s advice next week in Emmerdale and hatches a twisted revenge plan for pregnant Gabby Thomas. 

Here’s the lowdown on what's happening next week in the Dales...

1. Laurel warns Gabby

Laurel warns Gabby that Kim can’t be trusted over lunch, but the teenager dismisses her stepmother’s concerns. 

They’re interrupted, however, by Jamie who apologises to Gabby and asks her out for lunch. 

Gabby laps it up, leaving Laurel worried.

2. Dawn dumps Jamie

Mack mocks Jamie for the messy situation he’s got himself into, asking if Dawn knows about the pregnancy yet. 

But before Jamie has a chance to come clean to Dawn, Will tells her that Gabby is carrying Jamie’s baby and has moved into Home Farm.

Dawn finds Jamie and dumps him on the spot.

3. Jamie launches twisted plan

Later, Mack finds Jamie drowning his sorrows in the pub and suggests an awful plan that could resolve his problems. 

Jamie is horrified by Mack’s sinister idea, but admits it could work and promises to think it through.

What are they planning?

4. Cain and Moira lock horns

With Cain furious with Moira for voting for Faith to stay in the Dingle court, she tells Paddy and Chas that she’s beginning to regret her vote.

Paddy questions whether Faith should stay if she’s already causing such anguish. 

Faith overhears the conversation and makes a huge decision. 

Meanwhile, Zak calls Cain round to the Dingles and points out that his worry that Faith doesn’t love him has bothered him his entire life. 

5. Faith tries to flee

Cain doesn’t show any emotion as Zak suggests resolving things with Faith.

Meanwhile, Moira catches Faith sneaking out of the village and is stunned to realise she’s leave without saying goodbye. 

Will Moira persuade Faith to stay?

6. Charity knocks Al out

Charity attempts to win Chas over by breaking into the HOP office and stealing a client’s contact to get back in her good books. 

But disaster strikes when Al walks in and catches her red-handed. 

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Charity panics and throws the trophy from his business award in the air before making a run for it. 

Al leaps to catch the trophy but ends up tripping and banging his head, falling to the floor. 

Charity stares at him and weighs up whether to help him or run.

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