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Fitness instructor says her husband’s cheeky boob fondle saved her life when he discovered a cancerous lump


FITNESS instructor Abi Otway says hubby Marc’s cheeky fondle saved her life — when he discovered a cancerous lump.

Marc, 29, felt a hard, pea-size bump in her boob as they cuddled while drifting off to sleep.

Abi, 34, sought medical help but the lump was so small doctors could not find it initially.

But a 6mm, stage two-to-three cancerous lump was finally diagnosed and was removed by surgeons.

Abi, who will not need chemotherapy, said musician Marc found the lump while tickling her.

She added: “His fingers brushed under my boob and he felt something.

“I asked him if he’d found something and he said he had.

“When I pressed it felt like a rock-hard pea.

“But when I stood up, I really struggled to find it.”

Abi, from Bradford, said she now realises that if she had been single, her cancer might have gone undetected until it was too late.

She added: “I never used to check my boobs. If Marc hadn’t found it, it could have been years until I did. Just check your boobs, girls.”

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