First Minister Mark Drakeford is set to announce the findings of the latest three-week review into coronavirus in Wales today.

He will be delivering his briefing from 12.15pm, as the infection rate has fallen for the fifth day in a row. The Welsh Government's decision on vaccine passports is due to be included in his announcement.

Mr Drakeford has said he was "sceptical" over the need for the measure but could be convinced of their necessity if public health benefits outweighed their disadvantages. Read more here.

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In Scotland people will need proof they have been fully vaccinated before they can enter nightclubs and large events from October 1, but it has been decided not to introduce them in England.

Latest Public Health Wales figures show the infection rate in Wales has fallen for five days in a row. The latest seven-day infection rate across Wales is now back below 500 cases for every 100,000 people (seven days up to September 11) and stands at 494.3 - down on the 500.1 reported on Wednesday. The infection rate has fallen for five consecutive days - currently suggesting the third wave of cases peaked on September 6.

The local authority with the highest infection rate in Wales is now Neath Port Talbot with 711 cases per 100,000 population over seven days, followed by Carmarthenshire with 706.1 and Merthyr Tydfil with 692.9. Cases for your area here.

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Announcement on international travel also expected

As well as an update on coronavirus in Wales, an announcement is also expected today on changes to rules surrounding international travel.

The UK red list is set to be updated, along with the amber and green lists. Travelling will be made cheaper and more straightforward for doubled-jabbed holidaymakers under the shake-up, which will be introduced from October 1. The Welsh Government can set its own rules but have followed the UK in every other travel announcement. Live updates from that announcement here.

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