This is the incredible moment a meteor was seen flying across Scotland last night.

Scots caught a rare glimpse of the huge 'fireball', believed to have been in orbit between Mars and Jupiter and burning through the sky just before 10pm.

Spectacular footage from the Great Cumbrae showed the 30,000mph meteor entering the earth's atmosphere from Scotland.

Scott Ferris, owner of the island's bike hire shop Mapes of Millport, captured a clip of the 'fireball' hurtling through the air on the shop's security webcam.

Mapes of Millport boss Scott Ferris captured the incredible fireball on the shop's webcam

Scott told the Record: "I spotted on the news this morning that there had been a meteor and a few friends of ours said they saw it last night.

"My webcam records 24/7 and when there's anything exciting like this we play them out to our customers, so I sat for ages trying to go through it.

"I nearly gave up, but eventually I saw it and there it was in the sky.

"I was so happy that we had caught it."

Scott captured the amazing fireball flying over Hunterston on the mainland in Ayrshire.

The meteor can be seen lighting up the sky as it heads towards earth in the short clip.

It's thought most of the meteor fragmented during its flight, but some fragments may be found on the ground in Cheltenham or Stow-on-the-Wold in England.

Already 758 reported sightings of the 30,000mph rock have been received by the International Meteor Organisation.

Dr Luke Daly of the University of Glasgow and UKFAll said: "This meteor fragmented a lot, as you can see in the videos.

"Most of the meteoroid vaporised during the six seconds of visible flight.

"However, with this one we think quite a few fragments probably reached the ground.

The meteor was captured on the Mapes of Millport webcam

"If pieces landed they are likely to have been on or just north of Cheltenham, out towards Stow-on-the-Wold. So most pieces are likely to be on farm land.”

Dr Ashley King of the Natural History Museum and UKFAll said: "The video recordings tell us its speed was about 30,000 miles per hour which is too fast for it to be human-made ‘space junk’, so it’s not an old rocket or satellite.

"The videos also allowed us to reconstruct its original orbit around the sun.

"In this case, the orbit was like an asteroid’s.

"This particular piece of asteroid spent most of its orbit between Mars and Jupiter, though sometimes got closer to the Sun than Earth is.”

Scott, who has owned the Mapes store on the island since 2017, added: "I was really happy I'd spotted it.

"Don't get me wrong, Hunterston is quite a way away and the quality isn't as good as it could be - but I'm just glad we caught it.