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Filthy House SOS team transform woman’s junk-filled home from top to bottom and it ends up looking like new pad

A PROFESSIONAL cleaning team transformed a woman's junk-filled home from top to bottom and have made it look like an entirely new pad.

Appearing on 5STAR'S Filthy House SOS, 45-year-old Sue moved in with her dementia-stricken mother seven years ago to care for her.

Balancing her role as a carer with her job as an emergency services worker, Sue struggled to keep on top of household chores to the point where her cluttered home was virtually unlivable.

Coming to Sue's rescue, professional cleaners Brennan and John moved into her home for three days to clear out some of the possessions her and her mother have been hoarding for years.

Describing how the mess is "killing her", Sue revealed how she "sacrificed her career, income and social life" to look after her mum.

Although Sue put some of her possessions into storage after her divorce, she recently had to move them into her mum's house for financial reasons.

Walking John and Brennan through the house, Sue revealed she hadn't used the dining room in three months.

What's more, Sue couldn't remember the last time she cleaned the poo-covered bird cage which lives next to the table.

Although her late father kept her mother's hoarding a secret, Sue revealed how she filled two skips of stuff when she first moved in and gave 100 bags to charity.

At the start of the show, the two worst areas of Sue's home was the conservatory and her bedroom - which was strewn with random items.

John explained: "Sue's biggest problem is that there's piles of stuff added on to other piles of stuff. The conservatory is filled up, the bedroom is filled up. There's just stuff stuff stuff stuff."

Naturally, one of the biggest challenges Sue faced was having throwing sentimental items away - even if they had no use for her anymore.

As well as hanging onto the dress her mum wore to her wedding, Sue had also been hanging onto her dad's old favourite drinking glasses.

She explained: "It's heartbreaking to go through all the old stuff from my mum and dad.

"Throwing away every memory is just really hard work."

However, John and Brennan encouraged Sue to sort all her possessions into piles to throw away, give to charity and store.

Once she'd narrowed down the things she wanted to keep hold of, Brennan then showed Sue how to store the clothes in plastic bags.

After squishing them down, Brennan then used a hoover to suck up all the air and make the bag easier to store.

While going through her old dining sets, Sue even found an unwashed plate from eight years ago which had been sitting in her living room - much to John and Brennan's horror.

Recognising how much Sue was struggling with the clear out, John said: "She does so much [for her mum], she's forgetting herself."

One of the smaller (and more disgusting) tasks Brennan had to complete was cleaning out the bird cage in the dining room.

As it had been left for so long, the expert had to soak the parts which had been covered in poo in vinegar and water for two hours to get it back to its best.

But above all, the area Sue struggled most was in her bedroom - which was covered in random items she was hiding from her mum who often throws things away when she doesn't recognise them.

Sue explained: "It's affecting my mental health because I hide things from mum so she doesn't throw them away. But they now have nowhere to go.

On the last day of the experiment, Sue was whisked off to a spa while Brennan finished off clearing out the conservatory and even built a storage unit she had boxed up in her dining room.

Walking Sue through her clutter-free home, the experts explained how everything now has its own place - which will hopefully stop it getting so messy again.

At the start of the experiment, Sue couldn't even see her bedroom floor - but now her room has been given a new lease of life thanks to a clear out of her wardrobe and bookshelves.

The duo also made a sewing station for Sue out of an old desk so she no longer had to do it perched in front of clutter on her sofa.

Meanwhile, her old cabinet in her dining room had been polished using a mixture of olive oil and vinegar to get rid of any scratches and get it looking shiny and new.

As well as being blown away by John and Brennan's efforts tidying her home, Sue says the experiment made her feel better about herself too.

She added: "What Brennan and John have done is made me value myself.

"Instead of just focusing on everybody else which is what I always do, they've made me feel more valuable and that is priceless."

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