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Fiendishly tricky brainteaser asks you to find the odd cushion out – and over half of people won’t be able to solve it


NEED something to get your brain in gear this Saturday morning? Well we’ve got just the thing.

Sofa and carpet specialist, ScS, has created a tricky brainteaser that is sure to leave you scratching your head.

The image shows a sea of cushions in four different designs - but can you spot the odd one out?

Somewhere in the picture is one cushion that doesn’t fit in with the rest of the design scheme but only eagle-eyed players will be able to spot it.

According to its creators over 70 per cent of people won’t be able to find it, but of those who can 34 seconds is the average time.

Reckon you can do it faster? Scroll down for the reveal - but no cheating!

Fancy another challenge? Can you spot the odd sofa out in under 30 seconds?

And this tricky brainteaser has a remote hiding in this living room scene, so can YOU spot it in under 40 seconds?

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