Dear Coleen, I’ve found myself in a really awkward situation and don’t know what to do about it. When I collect my daughter from school, I chat to one of the dads in her class, who’s a nice guy.

We’re always joking around and, to be frank, I’d rather speak to him than most of the mums.

Sometimes I’ll give him a lift back home after drop-off if the weather’s bad, as he usually walks his daughter to school.

To cut a long story short, his wife came up to me in the playground the other day and accused me of “messing about” with her husband!

I was so shocked, I actually laughed. She started going on about “cosy chats” at school and inviting him into my car.

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Coleen has some sound advice (



I basically told her that her ­suspicions couldn’t be any further from the truth, and advised her to take it up with her husband, and then I made a swift exit.

However, I feel really angry that I’ve been accused of something I didn’t do and wouldn’t do, as I have a husband and kids.

This guy is just someone I pass time with on the school run. What should I do – tell him about the confrontation or just keep quiet and avoid him in the future?

Coleen says

This isn’t your problem and it sounds to me as if his wife has incredible trust issues. Maybe he’s had an affair in the past or she’s been hurt by someone else.

Perhaps she thinks he fancies you and maybe he’s got form.

Equally, though, you don’t want to get dragged into their mess and caught in the crossfire when it’s really nothing to do with you.

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I’d speak to guy and explain that you don’t want to cause a problem between him and his wife.

If he wants more details, then explain that she told you she’s not happy with him talking to you or being in your car.

I don’t think I would stop being friendly with him, but just take a step back for your own sake and leave the two of them to sort it out. It also sounds as if one or more parents at the school are stirring things up a bit, which could be another reason for his wife’s anger.