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Fearless diver takes stunning up-close-and-personal selfies with sea creatures

Grant Thomas, 27, from Glasgow, has shared dazzling pictures of himself beneath the waves in Cuba, Papua New Guinea and Tonga with creatures including sharks, crocodiles and turtles

Divers don't come much more fearless than Grant Thomas - whose collection of up-close-and-personal selfies with sea creatures is sure to raise eyebrows.

The 27-year-old from Glasgow took the stunning images in Cuba, Papua New Guinea and Tonga.

He's pictured himself just inches away from crocodiles, sharks and turtles.

Grant said: "The reason I started taking 'selfies' was because I had no one else to photograph at the time and I guess I was the next best thing.

"The most important thing for me when photographing anything underwater is not disturbing the animal or its environment as this can cause unnecessary stress.

"I would only ever decide to shoot this style of image when either the animal is approaching me, or I can clearly see it is not bothered by my presence."

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