Brews of two very different types have come together to create a new bottled beer.

Bowston's Handsome Brewery and Farrer's Tea and Coffee Merchants, which is based in Kendal, have collaborated on Handsome Hare, which is infused with a speciality tea.

The beer was first produced in kegs back in March, but proved so popular it is now available in bottle.

Farrer's, which has its home on the Shap Road Industrial Estate, worked with Handsome co-founder and brewer Marcin Serwatka to brew the beer which is made with its Lakeland Special tea blend.

They said it was partly inspired by the tea party shenanigans of the Mad March Hare and the Mad Hatter in the work of Lewis Carroll.

Marcin said: "The original batch of Hare in kegs sold really quickly.

"We all realised that we’d hit on something really pretty special and interesting and that people loved the flavour.

"Tea allows brewers to craft some really interesting brews, with subtle flavour notes and a real depth to them.

"We obviously got it right as we sold out in no time, so after spending a bit of time perfecting the recipe even more we’ve gone ahead and bottled Hare.

"We’ve also started to tinker about with some other tea-based ideas so watch this space.’’

Farrer's general manager Dave Walsh said: "When Handsome Brewery approached us and mentioned that they were looking to use tea in a beer I jumped at the chance.

"I have what you might call a good grounding in the beer industry having worked for a number of small and large breweries over the years, and I thought this collaboration was the perfect opportunity for us work together to create something a little different.

"I’m pleased to say the first batch of Hare was a great success and we’ve gone ahead and bottled it and are busy looking at other beer with the Handsome team.’’

The bottles are now on sale via the brewery's website and in local retailers.