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Fans warned not to hire cherry pickers to watch biggest game in club's history from outside ground

Fans of a National League football team are being warned by police that they must watch the biggest game in the club's history from the comfort of their own homes, and should definitely not hire cherry pickers for outside the ground.

On Friday evening, Chroley FC host Premier League big guns, Wolverhampton Wanderers, at Victory Park in the fourth round of the FA Cup.

Officers in the area are asking people to stick to the national rules around the coronavirus, no matter how much they might want to catch a glimpse of big-named stars such as Conor Coady and Adama Traore, as the club fights to make it to the next round. 

Posting on Facebook on Thursday evening, Sgt Paul Harrison from Chorley police said: "Tomorrow is the biggest game is the history of Chorley FC as we welcome Premier league outfit Wolverhampton Wanderers to Victory Park.

"We appreciate the desire of people to come out and cheer on the lads as well as welcoming the likes of England Star Conor Coady and the lightening fast Adama Traore to Victory Park.

"However we are asking that people remember that we are in the midst of a global pandemic.

"We just ask that you watch the game in the comfort of your own home and help protect yourselves and others.

"Remember current restrictions mean that you cannot meet with anyone from a different household and travel must be necessary.

"We will have officers out and about from early afternoon to make sure people are adhering to the restrictions.

"We will continue to educate people about the restrictions and don't want to have to issue penalty notices but we will enforce these rules when required.

"So let's just say a cherry picker outside the ground (photographed) or similar behaviour would warrant immediate enforcement and we will enforce where people deliberately break the rules.

"Remember football will still be here long after coronavirus.

"If you want to send some supportive messages and photos of your family watching the game email them to [email protected] containing your family name and address.

"There may possibly be a prize donated from the club for us to give out at random to thank you for sticking to the rules.

"We will stick the photos on this post tomorrow to show your support.

"So as the photo on this post indicates. Watch the game at home with immediate family and please NO CHERRY PICKERS!

"Come on Chorley. UpTheMagpies.2

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