Fans smashed down barriers and stormed past security to break into a Wizkid concert in London last night.

Chaotic scenes emerged from the O2 Arena, where music fans pushed their way past security and upended barriers to get in.

A stampede forced their way in to watch headline singer Wizkid at the North Greenwich venue.

In the footage shared widely on social media, the crowd can be seen flooding through the security checkpoint.

A metal-detecting arch gives way and is knocked over and in one video a woman shoves a security worker after they grabbed another member of the public.

Security scanners were upended as fans rushed into the concert past security

Officials confirmed that a “number of fans” entered the venue despite many not having a ticket.

Shocking footage showed dozens of people pushing through security and into the venue as security guards are unable to keep them back.

Small incidents could be seen breaking out as O2 workers tried and failed to stop fans piling into watch Wizkid’s ‘Made in Lagos’ tour.

But the incidents quickly grew and the crowds knocked over the airport-style security scanners and barged into the venue.

The arena, which holds up to 20,000 people, confirmed that they were reviewing their security procedures following the breach.

On top of that, they advised fans coming to Wizkid’s additional shows this week to arrive early for security checks.

A venue spokesperson said "This evening, a breach of the security cordon on the arena entrance occurred and as a result, a number of fans in the queue were able to enter the venue.

"The situation was quickly contained by staff and the incident resolved.

Footage shows the large crowds who rushed into the Wizkid concert

Fans ‘breach’ entry barriers at O2 Arena to enter sellout concert

"The venue is reviewing security procedures for the remaining shows this week and advises fans to arrive early for security checks tomorrow night and again on Wednesday."

The event happened only a few weeks after a crush at Travis Scott’s Astroworld festival left 10 dead.

The youngest who died during the crowd crush was a 10-year-old who passed after being in a coma.

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