One Rangers fan was left 'fuming' after forking out £8 for a Cadbury Dairy Milk Champions Bar to receive what looked like a normal Dairy Milk bar with a cardboard wrapper.

Rangers FC and Cadbury came together to create the limited-edition chocolate bar to honour the Club's 55th title win.

The website boasts that only 10,000 of the bars are available and Cadbury even offered to donate all proceeds from 1,872 bars to the Rangers Charity Foundation.

But one fan took to Twitter to say they were 'fuming' when theirs arrived in the post.

In the tweet , the fan said: "£8 for this @RangersFC you are having a laugh here surely. A cardboard packaging with a £1.29 chocolate bar inside. No mention of 55 on it... hardly the champions range that you've been promoting. Fuming."

The fan took to Twitter to express their anger

He added: "I get it. It's £8, not the biggest deal in the world. And no I wasn't expecting it with RWB (Red, White and Blue) chocolate and hand delivered by the gaffer. But it doesn't mean that I should have an issue with it. Most will agree that it's a poor effort."

Every customer that purchases one of the bars also receives a commemorative letter from Rangers manager Steven Gerrard, which the fan confirmed he had received.

The fan complained on Twitter

When another Twitter users asked if he received the letter alongside the bar, he said: "I did mate. That's the only thing that mentions 55 and clearly the only reason they inserted it. It's not a limited edition chocolate bar, it's a limited edition chocolate sleeve."

Cadbury's were contacted for a comment.