Four children, two adults and two cats have been found dead in a car near a house in the US.

San Antonio Police Chief William McManus said the entire family - including an 11-month-old baby - was found dead in an SUV car in their garage.

Officers had begun to conduct a sweep of the house for explosives after finding a note on the front door suggesting the property was booby-trapped on Thursday afternoon.

It said there were bodies inside, urging anyone to avoid going inside.

San Antonio Chief William McManus said the family of six found were found dead in an SUV
Officers found a note on the door of the home before discovering the bodies

Chief McManus, speaking at the scene in Stone Oak on Thursday evening, said officers could smell what was later confirmed to be carbon monoxide.

All residents within a 150 yard radius were ordered to evacuate their homes.

They gained access to the garage and found the dead bodies, he continued.

A husband and wife in their 30s, as well as four children aged from 11 months to four years, and two cats in a basket, were all found dead inside the SUV.

The man is understood to have been a serviceman with the cryptic note containing military jargon.

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The chief said the deaths appear to be suicide and that despite initial suspicions, there were no explosives inside the home.

The note contained military jargon and cryptic messaging which was interpreted as “bodies or people inside of the home, animals were in the freezer, and do not enter,” Chief McManus added.