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Family left homeless before Christmas after B&Q lorry ploughs into home

A FAMILY has been left homeless for Christmas after a B&Q lorry ploughed into their home.

David Hill, 31, was woken in the early hours by a “huge thud.”

He said: “I went downstairs and saw a lorry in my house!

"My wife and I rushed outside.

“The driver looked okay, he climbed out of the window.

"Police told us not to go back in the house for safety reasons.”

David was thankful that his daughters, 10 and 12, were away during the crash in Harlow, Essex,

He added: “My daughter’s bedroom is at the front where the lorry hit so I’m glad she wasn’t in.

"We were spending Christmas Day at our family’s house but we were going to have ten people round our house on Boxing Day but that’s obviously cancelled.

“We’re essentially homeless so we’re staying with family. We’re probably going to be with family for three to four weeks at the very least.

“It’s a very stressful situation- all our belongings and Christmas presents are in the house.

“Our neighbours have checked on us and have offered us tea and coffee.

“B&Q have been amazing too, they are keeping in contact with me and they even offered to pay for a hotel for us but we’re staying with family.

“I’m just glad no-one is hurt.”

A B&Q spokeswoman said it was cooperating with the police with fleet firm Wincanton.