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‘Fakeaway’ slimmer lost 3st and saved £6k in a year after ditching pizza and burgers for homemade versions

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'FAKEAWAY' slimmer lost 3st and saved £6k in a year after ditching pizza and burgers for homemade versions.

Jules Smith regularly shows off her incredible transformation as well as snaps of her healthy alternatives to her ever-growing Instagram following.

In 2015, the 53-year-old from Leeds decided she wants to lose the pounds without losing her appetite.

Not willing to give up her taste for takeaways, she decided to create her own healthy versions of the treats.

And since making the lifestyle change she has already lost an impressive three stone.

Plus she's also saved herself an incredible £6k a year in the process too.

Jules started sharing her meals online online as a way to motivate her to stick to her diet plan.

And she very quickly started gathering up a following of people also wanted to lose the pounds without compromising on taste.

She now boasts over 75,000 and counting followers who want inspiration for delicious and nutritious alternatives.

Jules has managed to save the pounds (in both senses) by eliminating expensive and calorie-laden takeaways altogether.

As well as sticking to the reduced aisle at the supermarket for her healthy substitutes.

And it looks like there's no going back for her with her delicious alternatives!

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