KEIGHLEY schoolchildren had a ball learning that Fairtrade is about more than coffee and chocolate.

During special workshops at Merlin Top Primary School the youngsters discovered that footballs were made in Pakistan using Fairtrade principles.

The workshops, intended to show the benefits of fair trade, also highlighted the growing of cocoa in Ghana for Divine's Fairtrade chocolate.

The sessions were part of Bradford Fairtrade Zone's annual schools conference, which was held for the first time at a Keighley school.

At the school were 60 students from Merlin Top, Laycock, Victoria and Parkwood Primary School along with year seven ambassadors from University Academy Keighley.

Also attending were Keighley West ward councillor Adrian Farley, Bradford Council's Fairtrade champion, and the Lord Mayor of Bradford Cllr Doreen Lee.

Karen Palframan, chairman of Bradford Fairtrade Zone, said the day had been a great success.

She said: "The children learned how Fairtrade tackles poverty in developing countries, ensures that farmers and workers are treated fairly and safely, and that the environment is protected.

"Everyone watched the Bala Sports 'Playing Fair' film which follows the football production process in Sialkot, Pakistan, and shows some of the projects that the employees’ Fairtrade committees have spent their Fairtrade social premium money on.

"The projects include community water filtration plants, school equipment and eye clinics. In the case of Bala, workers receive an extra 10% as Fairtrade premium."

Cllr Farley said he had found a venue for the conference after Keighley schools said they would like to attend the event at an easier location in the centre in Bradford.

He said: "It was great to put Fairtrade on the map. The day was absolutely fantastic. I was really proud of the schools."