People travelling on public transport in England will have to wear face coverings when using public transport from June 15.

Speaking at tonight's Downing Street press conference, Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said the new law will come in in time for a new easing of the lockdown.

Some non-essential shops and businesses will be allowed to open from June 15 - and there are concerns about the virus being spread on public transport.

Mr Shapps said that from that date, face coverings will be mandatory.

He said: "We must avoid a second infection spike, this careful, deliberate approach has been central to the return of public transport.

"These challenges are about to increase, we expect that the next easing of the restrictions to arrive on June 15.

"There will be more pressure on our public transport. We are ramping up services on buses and trains but we still need to do more."

"If you can work from home you should continue to do so. If you cannot work from home you should avoid transport wherever possible and if you must use public transport you should follow guidance including the rush hou.r"

Announcing the new rules, he added: "As of Mon 15 June face coverings will become mandatory on public transport. That doesn't mean surgical masks it means the kind of face coverings you can make at home. There will be exemptions for young child people with disabilities and breathing difficulties."

Mr Shapps said that people who are not wearing face coverings will be refused entry onto public transport and could be fined.