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'Eyesore' complaint over rubbish dumped behind Blackburn house

The rubbish and building materials behind the home in St Thomas’s Street, Audley, which is being renovated, has been described as an ‘eyesore’ and is said to be attracting rats. The mess is also affecting those living on Temple Drive which backs on the property.

Blackburn with Darwen Council have confirmed they are investigating the issue.

One resident told us: “It has been like this for more than three months now. It is a shocking amount of rubbish and the house-owner needs to take responsibility for it. It is their rubbish and this is attracting rats.

“Young kids are now using the discarded bath to jump on to the garage from where they throw stones at passers-by.

“We have rung the council but nothing has been done as yet.”

The land behind the house should be accessible to a neighbouring property. Bin bags dumped outside the gate are on land said to be managed by Together Housing.

The resident added: “Once they tried to set fire to the bin bags and we had to call the fire service as there are overhead cables.

“Before they started doing the renovations there were no problems. Nobody is living in the house at the moment so we can’t ask anyone to move it.”

A council spokesperson said: “We are aware of this situation and it is currently under investigation.”

The council said people could log on to their website to make a complaint. The website states the council ‘will investigate complaints of nuisance caused by the build up of waste in a garden or yard of a property. Whatever the reasons for the build up of rubbish, the occupier / owner of the house is responsible for sorting the problem out.’ It adds: ‘If we investigate a rubbish build-up, we will usually give the person responsible a set period of time to remove it. If the waste is not removed within the given time, the person responsible may be served with a legal notice. If they don’t act we may remove the waste and send a bill for the work, plus an extra legal charge. It usually costs between £200 and £1,000.’ Clare Atkinson, of Together Housing Group said: “We will investigate the matter and aim to get the land owned by Together Housing cleared as soon as possible.”

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