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Experts predict what the most popular baby names will be in years to come – including Everest and Clover

WHETHER you're expecting your first child or just planning for the future, experts have revealed the names set to soar in popularity.

The trend for unique and original names has taken off in recent years, with more traditional monikers falling out of favour with parents.

And it doesn't look like it's stopping, after experts from Nameberry shared a list of names they expect to appear over the next five years - including Clover and Everest.

Two name experts, Sophie Kihm and Clare Green, used "knowledge and instincts, combined with statistics" to compile the top ten, and they also flagged another 25 which could be rising stars as well.

Top of the list is Clover, famous in the UK as the margarine brand, but Namberry explained it's an 'alternative botanical name'.

Next is Everest, famous for the eponymous mountain, which the experts revealed was set to climb the rank dues to its links with nature and adventure, and the 'ever' sound.

Baby names set to soar in popularity

In third place is Goldie, made famous by actress Goldie Hawn, with Namberry explaining: "Goldie is right on time for a hundred-year revival, and combines retro charm with a splash of glamor and luxe."

Guinevere may conjure up images of the Knights of the Round Table, but this name too is set for a long-awaited revival.

Jenson is in fifth place, and it has grown in popularity in recent years after Formula One racer, Jenson Button, stormed onto the sport scene.

Jupiter is well known as being a planet in our solar-system, but it's set to make an impact much closer to home as a name for girls.

Makaio is a name with Hawaiian origins, and ticks the boxes due to it's 'kai' and 'O' ending.

You have Summer, Autumn, India, Sky, River, and now there's Ocean.

The name could join a long list of natural features to make it onto a birth certificate, and it set to be a hit as it's a 'unisex nature name'.

Orla is a traditional Irish name which is set to enjoy some more time in the sun, as it follows on from a list of popular similar-sounding choices, including Ella, Isla and Lola.

Renzo is set to creep up the charts due to its sound as well, following in the footsteps of more popular options including Enzo, Kenzo and Lorenzo.

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