TWO exotic birds have hatched at Chester Zoo in a world first.

The collared trogon chicks, whose parents were rescued from illegal wildlife traders, are the first to ever have been bred in the world's top zoos.

Experts have hailed the arrival of the chicks as 'really special' especially given the astonishing survival story of their parents.

The duo were two of almost 100 exotic birds, from 14 different species, given a safe haven at Chester Zoo after being seized from illegal wildlife traders by customs officials in the Netherlands last year.

The birds were destined to be illegally sold as pets.

Mark Vercoe, Chester Zoo’s deputy curator of birds, told the Globe: “This is a really special hatching. It may very well be the very first time that this beautiful Latin American forest species has been bred in a zoo – there certainly aren’t any other documented breeding successes in any of the world’s leading zoos.

Wirral Globe:

“The collared trogon is understudied and little information exists on the courtship and mating behaviour of the species. However, we’re now able to add to the available data.

“These chicks are particularly precious given the astonishing survival of their parents who we took care of last year.

"They were part of a huge group of illegally imported birds rescued by customs officials in the Netherlands.

“They had had a traumatic journey and were in a poor state of health when they were first confiscated and sent to us.

"So, to have not only nursed them back to full health but to have got them to a point where they’re happy and able to raise their own young, is a fantastic feat.”

The illegal wildlife trade is worth an estimated £19billion ever year and is the fourth biggest international crime after drugs, arms and human trafficking.

Chester Zoo's curator of birds, Andrew Owen said: “According to the UN, the illegal wildlife trade is worth billions of pounds each year and continues to grow despite efforts to crack down on it.

"It’s threatening the future of numerous species globally and it’s important that we attempt to raise as much awareness about the issue as we can.

"We need more and more people to be the eyes and ears in the fight against the trade.”